I’m spinning around


Well. I officially failed at my first Tinder date. I got stood down. Meanwhile, the boy under the spell of his ex..we shall call him x-man, decided to heat things up last night by showing some interest again and I foolishly fell hook line an sinker for it, only to be dropped from a great height today when he didn’t call.  The worst part is, I have no leg to stand on as technically we are just friends- he has made it so. And you don’t expect your friends to call you every night or text you goodnight do you- yet somehow my foolish girly ways put these expectations on x-man. Crazy- logically I know its insane and a sure fire way to have any man who isn’t ready to commit running for the hills. I mean we aren’t even dating and there I am – psycho girl- demanding to know why I haven’t been texted or called and staring at my phone like a crack addict waiting for the next hit- aka communication from him. Its insane. Why do we do it? 

So in order to take my mind of things, I decided to hit the gym. Now one thing you must know about me. I am not a gym bunny- not even a gym member. I have merely decided, int he absence of anything better to do in the shire where I am currently staying, that this is a form of healthy distraction (from staring at my phone an willing it to ring). I began with pilates, then moved on to aqua aerobic – big mistake, was like pilates but wet and cold and you are outdone by grannie sin swimming caps. However, this evening I made the huge mistake of trying spinning. Now for anyone who doesn’t know what spinning class is- essentially it is 20 people getting hot and sweaty in a room as you pedal furiously through the pain on stationary bikes with a man in lycra screaming at you to go faster and ‘feel the burn’. After 45 minutes, I actually couldn’t walk and thought i might vomit. I was so pleased I was at the back of the room as I couldn’t even lift my leg to do the cool down stretches and practically fell off my bike as my legs had been replaced with those bendy collapsable ones you get on old fashioned toys where you push the base and the donkey collapses- yes that was me! I struggled to even walk down the stairs and how I drove my car is a miracle. Needless to say I shall be spending my £5 more wisely int he future- on a relaxing glass of merlot..


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