Non so Single White Sociopath


What is it about female bosses? Now it may just be my Industry- does the creative sector attract sociopathic women what is the allure? Maybe its all female bosses but I seem to keep encountering my fair share of bitches. I have also met some very lovely reasonable female managers- but they seem to be golddust.

My current one is an Italian mentalist. When she is happy you hear her,  sad- there are tears and tissues and boy when she is angry- she has no filter. Its like she thinks she can simply speak to you and treat you like a naughty child and god forbid she should ever be blamed for anything that goes wrong. I mean maybe this is simply a reflection of women as a sex?

Maybe this is why I would make a crap lesbian? I mean, is this what men mean when they say we nag and patronise and act like psycho control freaks? 

Others have told me its petty jealousy. A simple reaction to being threatened in insecure women at the top. They doubt themselves and their own integrity and so trample those below them to make themselves look and feel better.

I have never been a manager- nor frankly would I like to be- I sense you grow a third head and your heart ices over. However, if I ever find myself in that position. I sincerely hope I recall this little rant and remember to treat people better than I have ever been treated!


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