A Bite of the Big Apple


So here I am- turning 32 in the Big Apple. In some ways my life over the past 12 months has changed dramatically, in other ways not so much. So a year ago I turned 31 by waking up in A+E with a drip stuck in my arm. It was the lowest point I can remember for a long while. Having the stress of a holiday in California while Mr Blues father was on his death bed, he finally passed on my birthday and the result, we went out, drank too much and I am ashamed to report I passed out. So not only did Mr Blue have to deal with returning home knowing his father woudl not be there, but he had to sit with me in A+E. I have never felt so disgusted with myself.

Since that fateful night, I have attended two funerals-Mr Blue’s father and one of my best friends who was taken too young with cancer. I have acquired a niece, seen one of my best friends become a mother for the first time, broken up with Mr Blue after 5 years, left the first house I ever bought and moved back to renting with a flatmate (yet to be found). I have suffered at the hands of two of the worst bosses I have every encountered and rekindled a friendship with an old friend who has been a pillar of support through it all.


I had one of the most romantic encounters with an old flame who proved that once a dick always a dick and fallen in love and had my heart broken. So quite the emotional roller coaster for 31 to 32!
I am currently in New York State having spent the past two days in the city. My plan was to make this birthday better than the last. Well I didn’t wake up in A+E but I have acquired a chest infection which is no fun. However, I have also learnt that at 32 I am more confident and able to embrace chance encounters. On the way over here I befriended a fellow passenger after we both thought we had booked the wrong coach. As fate would have it we were on the same flight and ended up not only sharing a cab but meeting for coffee and cake on my birthday!! I was chatted up at grand central station by a stranger named Victor who bless him, spent 20 minutes trying to get my number even after I tried fobbing him off saying I had a boyfriend! I was given a random birthday hug by an Italian doorman and met a random guy I made contact with over the internet for Pizza at NYC’s oldest pizza joint.

Before I even left to come here. I held a pre-birthday meal. As I looked around the table, I realised the 11 people represented every part of my life- from school through to college and present day. I felt touched that so many friends had stayed in my life. Its easy to forget that these people are there when they are not physically in front of you. But even more than that, I noted that int he weeks running up to my birthday, nearly every person I had hung out with, spoken to or texted, I hadn’t actually known a month ago. So life is moving forward, in a good way.


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